Ezra Schulman is Of Counsel to the firm.  Mr. Schulman has a civil rights litigation practice, with a focus on False Arrest and Excessive Force cases against law enforcement officers.   

Mr. Schulman has litigated Civil Rights and Commercial matters in New York state and federal courts since being admitted to practice law in New York in 2009.  Mr. Schulman has defended the City of New York and its law enforcement officers in Federal Civil Rights cases, providing insight into the inner-workings of law enforcement. 

Ezra Schulman began his legal career in the Special Federal Litigation Unit at the New York City Law Department, defending civil rights matters against the City of New York.  Mr. Schulman successfully resolved multiple claims against the City and its law enforcement employees. 

Since leaving his position at the City, Mr. Schulman worked on complex, commercial litigation projects, Antitrust investigations and Patent infringement litigation.